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Arts & Creative

Creative minds and creative talents...

London’s creative and cultural sector has been booming. The Arts & Creative Industries have been the fastest growing sector of the UK’s economy, and behind every organisation are the people making it tick; building a vibrant and exciting place to live. Like all industries presently, we are faced with uncertainty. Now we must navigate change to manage unforseen challenges, adapt, and embrace new opportunities. 

Drift & Design has experience working with all kinds of  professionals from Board level executives, CEOs, MDs,  consultants and freelancers. 

With sectoral challenges, perhaps you're looking for support or accountability as you work through some of the below.

Developing skillsets 

Exploring creative talents 

Productivity, focus and motivation

Gig economy and finding stability 

Funding for projects 

Creativity on demand 

Small teams (Start-ups and SMEs)

Fast paced, demanding work loads 

Rapidly changing technologies 

Work / life balance

Demands and deadlines

The creative process 

Moving forward when stuck

Passion and purpose

The creative process 

Commercial creativity

Vulnerability or confidence in creativity 

Originality in creativity

Building networks

Attracting new clients 

For whom?


Creative practitioners

Entrepreneurs & freelancers working in the arts & creative industries

Office / support staff working in the arts & creative industries 

Art & cultural institutes 

Membership organisations


“I can always choose, but I ought to know that if I do not choose, I am still choosing.”

― Jean-Paul Sartre