What we do

Live your life with ease...

Drift & Design provides one-to-one coaching for individuals who want to develop, grow and create change in their lives. We also work with organisations who similarly want to support their staff or members. 

We are friendly, supportive and take pride in seeing our clients succeed. We bring positive energy and motivate you to continue working towards your goals. 

Broadly, we help clients to:

Navigate personal or professional change 

Explore their values to make positive decisions for them

Find direction

Find ways to live their lives to the fullest potential

Uncover limiting beliefs - things that are holding you back 

Achieve great work life balance 

Improve relationships 

Assess their lifestyle 

Consider their relationships 

Explore self-image and self-talk 

Find solutions 

Understand their perspective of the world and how that may be impacting them 

Some areas we may help …

Life transitions

Relationships & dating

Career change

Confidence & self esteem

Approaching new projects 

Handling new responsibilities 

Finding balance

Living to your potential 

Health & wellbeing 

Coming unstuck 

Exploring options 

Finding direction

Family matters 

Passionate about all things creative, and knowledgeable of this sector and its people, we work with clients in the arts & creative sector.

We support anyone wishing to improve their life & wellbeing.  Our philosophy is that true health and happiness is holistic - it’s about the connection between the mind, body, emotions and soul. It’s about finding balance and flow; what’s right for us. 

“Happiness is the feeling that power increases - that resistance is being overcome"

- Nietzsche

Our approach

Create the change you want to see...

Our role is to help you grow; to assist you in identifying your needs and values and to encourage you to set and achieve goals based on your own personal standards. We will support, motivate and challenge you, keeping you focussed on your vision.

How we work with you: 

Powerful questions that make you think about things you may have never thought about and perhaps no one else ever asked. 

A genuine belief in YOU.

No agenda except to fully support you. 

“Listening between the lines” Listening to what is not being said or hearing things you may not be aware that you are saying. Bringing this to your attention, sharing as insight.

A mirroring of what you are saying back to you so you can hear yourself from the outside in. 

Challenging you to stretch beyond what you would ask of yourself. 

Strategising with you to work through any challenges, fears or opportunities. 

Helping you to see potentially limiting beliefs that might be keeping you from moving forward.